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Use the table below to help you find the cause of the problem. The numbers indicate the priority of the likely cause of the problem. Check each part in the order shown. If necessary, repair or replace these parts.


Suspect Area

Hard steering 3. Tires (Improperly inflated) 4. Power steering fluid level (Low) 5. Drive belt (Loose)
6. Front wheel alignment (Incorrect) 7. Steering system joints (Worn) 8. Suspension arm ball joints (Worn) 9. Steering column (Binding) 10.Power steering gear
Poor return 1. Tires (Improperly inflated) 2. Front wheel alignment (Incorrect) 3. Steering column (Binding) 4. Power steering gear
Excessive play 1. Steering system joints (Worn) 2. Suspension arm ball joints (Worn) 3. Intermediate shaft, Universal joint, Sliding yoke (Worn) 4. Front wheel bearing (Worn) 5. Power steering gear
Abnormal noise 1. Power steering fluid level (Low) 2. Steering system joints (Worn) 3. Power steering gear

HINT: When the problem occurs on the power tilt and telescopic steering system, refer to the DI section ( DI-656 ).

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    Toyota Land Cruiser Service Manual / Steering / Troubleshooting

    Toyota Land Cruiser Service Manual


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