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The LAND CRUISER is equipped with SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) such as the driver airbag and the front passenger airbag. (The side airbag and the curtain shield airbag are optional.) Failure to carry out service operation in the correct sequence could cause the SRS to unexpectedly deploy during the servicing, possibly leading to a serious accident. Before servicing (including removal or installation of parts, inspection or replacement), be sure to read the precautionary notices in the RS section

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    Back door glass

    Back door stay

    Body outside moulding


    Front bumper

    Front seat

    Front wiper and washer


    Hood support

    Instrument panel

    Lower back door

    Quarter window glass

    Roof drip side finish moulding

    Rear bumper

    Rear door

    Rear No.1 Seat (LH)

    Rear No.1 Seat (RH)

    Rear No.2 Seat

    Roof headlining

    Rear wiper and washer

    Seat belt pretensioner

    Seat belt pretensioner


    Seat belt

    Sliding roof

    SRS airbag

    Upper back door


    Toyota Land Cruiser Service Manual / Body Mechanical / SRS airbag

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