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General maintenance

Listed below are the general maintenance items that should be performed at the intervals specified in the “Owner’s Warranty Information Booklet” or “Owner’s Manual Supplement”/Scheduled Maintenance Guide. It is recommended that any problem you notice should be brought to the attention of your Toyota dealer or qualified service shop for advice.

Engine compartment

Vehicle interior

Vehicle interior


Check points

Check points
  • Moves smoothly (without uneven pedal effort or catching)?
Automatic transmission “Park” mechanism
  • Can the vehicle be hold securely on an incline with the shift lever in “P”?
Brake pedal
  • Moves smoothly?
  •  Does it have appropriate clearance and correct amount of free play?
  • Pulls to one side when applied?
  •  Loss of brake effectiveness?
  •  Spongy feeling brake pedal?
  •  Pedal almost touches floor?
Head restraints
  • Move smoothly and lock securely?
  • Function properly?
  • Do all the lights come on?
  •  Headlights aimed correctly?
Parking brake
  • Moves smoothly?
  •  Can hold the vehicle securely on an incline?
Seat belts
  • Does the seat belt system operate smoothly?
  •  Are the belts undamaged?
  • Do the seat controls operate properly?
Steering wheel
  • Moves smoothly?
  •  Has correct free play?
  •  No strange noises?
  • Operate smoothly?
Engine hood
  • The lock system works properly?
Fluid leaks
  • Is there any leakage after parking?
  • Inflation pressure is correct?
  •  Tire surfaces not worn or damaged?
  •  Tires rotated according to the maintenance schedule?
  • Wheel nuts are not loose?
Windshield wipers/rear window wiper
  • The wiper blades should not show any signs of cracking, splitting, wear, contamination or deformation.
  •  The wiper blades should clear the windshield/rear window without streaking or skipping.



  • If the engine is runnin


Turn off the engine and ensure that there is adequate ventilation before performing maintenance checks.

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